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We used our love of wine and Saturday afternoons to craft the first ever Session Wine. 

Satisfying, flavorful, delightful. There’s no doubt wine is a beautiful thing, and yet somehow we don’t always feel great about drinking it over a long, sunny afternoon. Sure, we could settle for a beer...but it’s just not the same.

So, in July of 2017 we made it our crusade to create a wine we could enjoy in those day sessions where beer usually reins supreme.

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We started at the source with French wines and after a year of tastings with good friends, we finally perfected a dry, refreshing and lightly sparkling Session Wine. Lighter in every way, it actually has half the alcohol, calories and sugar of regular table wine. We can confidently say it’s a wine-lover’s answer to cracking open a cold one on a sunny Saturday.


From our sessions to yours, we invite you to pull up a chair, throw on some tunes, and enjoy the leisurely vibes of a day with friends, with Saturday Session cans in hand.

Saturday Session Wine. Drink in the Day.

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